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P.O. BOX 360002,
San Juan
Puerto Rico 00936-0002

Rexco Industrial Park # 200
Calle B Guaynabo,
P.R. 00968

Products and Services

Puerto Rico
Phone: 1-800-981-7882/ 1-800-981-7941
Fax: 787-792-4646

Customer Service

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (787) 8667027
Fax: 1.855.353.1987 / 1.855.353.1988 / 1.855-353-1989

Business hours: 7AM – 4PM


Informar un evento adverso
Comuníquese con seguridad del paciente al:
Phone: +57 2 444 7428 en Cali
Email: [email protected]