Ipump Pain Management System

Ipump Pain Management System

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The Ipump Pain Management System provides simplicity, safety, and security with the versatility to meet many acute pain management needs.

Individualized Care

The flexible Ipump system is designed to help each patient become ambulatory as quickly as possible. Pain management can be tailored to both a patient's individual needs as well as clinical priorities through a variety of convenient options.

  • Program for epidural, IV, or subcutaneous delivery.
  • Delivers continuous, Basal + PCA, or PCA infusions
  • Set dosing limits based on clinical preferences, e.g., one or four-hour volume limits and maximum PCA (patient-controlled analgesia) doses per hour.
  • Specify PCA dose delay time options in one-minute intervals up to 240 minutes.
  • Control flow rates in 0.1 mL/hour increments for maximum flexibility – with continuous flow rates up to 90 mL/hour.

Inclusive Safety Technology

The Ipump system combines advanced safety features with start-to-finish simplicity in a variety of therapeutic settings.

  • Downstream and upstream occlusion alarms notify the user of potential interruptions in medication flow.
  • Programmable security options to meet individual needs.
  • Customizable alarm settings for air in tubing minimize air infusion potential, yet help maintain therapeutic flexibility.

Intuitive Programming and Operation

Logical programming sequence, step-by-step programming cues and simple keypad make the Ipump system easy to learn and use.

  • Intuitive keypad features, concise screen messaging, and word/symbol icons for fast visual recognition.
  • Battery power with AC adaptor option provides flexibility across a variety of settings.

Intelligent Information Management

The Ipump Pain Management System provides data management fatures:

  • Transfer individual Ipump configuration specifications to other Ipump devices for standardized therapy.
  • Store and retrieve patient-specific information easily.
  • Track and monitor pump usage in specific care areas by selecting an optional pump identification label.
  • Track programming, time and history of each infusion.

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