V-LINK Luer-Activated Device with VITALSHIELD Protective Coating

V-LINK Luer-Activated Device


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The first antimicrobial IV connector with a unique coating designed to help prevent microbial contamination and growth of pathogens in the device.*

Baxter's V-LINK device is a key addition to a broad line of needleless IV access products and is based on a well-known design:

  • Needleless IV access device
  • Flat, swabable surface
  • Translucent housing
  • Double-seal protection
  • Promotes standardized technique

The V-LINK device with VITALSHIELD protective coating kills at least 99.99% of six common pathogens known to cause catheter-related bloodstream infections (CR-BSIs):**

  • Fights pathogen contamination and microbial growth in the fluid path
  • Consistently high efficacy across multiple bacterial strains1
  • Demonstrated durability and efficacy over a 96 hour period1

* The antimicrobial agent is not intended to be used as a treatment for existing infections.
** These in vitro test results have not been shown to correlate with a reduction in infections.

Technique and technology are needed to fight pathogens

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Every day, you do all you can to fight against microbial contamination. Proper aseptic technique at the IV insertion site can reduce extraluminal contamination (outside the catheter walls).

Study results by Safdar and Maki concluded that after specific preventive measures were taken, 60% of CR-BSIs were more likely to originate from the intraluminal pathway.2

Technology to help protect the intraluminal pathway (the fluid path) is also needed to further reduce the risk of CR-BSIs.


The V-LINK device is contraindicated for individuals with hypersensitivity to silver or silver components.

Instructions for Use

Rx only. For safe and proper use of this device, please refer to the complete instructions for use.


1. Data on file, Baxter Healthcare Corporation
2. Safdar N, Maki DG. The pathogenesis of catheter-related bloodstream infection with noncuffed short-term central venous catheters. Intensive Care Med. 2004;30:62-67.

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