RSS Feeds

About RSS feeds

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feeds are an easy way for you to keep informed as new content is added to our site, without having to visit the website itself. You "subscribe" to the RSS feeds of your choice and you will be notified of updates automatically.

How do I subscribe?

RSS feeds require an RSS reader tool to function. There are four types of RSS readers:

  • Web-based (e.g. Google, Yahoo,...)
  • Browser-based (e.g. IE 7.0, Firefox,...)
  • E-mail based (e.g. Outlook)
  • Standalone applications (for free and to purchase).

Depending of your RSS reader, simply click on the orange RSS button or right-click on the orange RSS button, select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" and paste the address into your news reader.

RSS feeds we offer

We currently offer RSS feeds for: